Water Activities for children with Monica Anzueto




Acquarella organizes a series of seminars with foreign teachers on the different approaches to water activities for babies and toddlers in the different countries in the world. This Saturday 18 April 2020 we will host Monica Anzueto who, from her city of Chiapas (Mexico), will tell us about her family saga of swimming teachers, the organization of aquatic skills in Mexico and, above all, her rich experience as teacher since 1987 and as international presenter in the past 18 years. Its courses are characterized by a marked educational / sports inclination with rich psychomotor content.
The seminar will last one hour and a half and half an hour dedicated to the questions of the participants.
It will be held in English language with consecutive translation into Italian.
It will be two hours of very dynamic Webinars during which you can interact with Monica.
Furthermore, as an added value to our webinars, you can share the seminar with participants from different countries of the world who,  will bring their experience in the sector through comments and questions. We are waiting for you !!!

Monica Anzueto Moguel has been a second generation swimming teacher since 1987. She has been a swimmer in the pool and open water, has competed nationally and in some international events.

Director of the El Delfín de Chiapas swimming center (west location) which welcomes children from 3 months up to high-level adult athletes, active since 1975.

Responsible of:
• Development of educational programs.
• Training courses for swimming teachers.

She has a long experience of 18 years as a speaker at national and international level (New Zealand, the United States, Brazil, Greece, Mexico, Austria, Sweden and Australia)

Complete Curriculum
Webinar “Aquatic overseas” with Monica Anzueto
Saturday 18 April at 3pm
Location: ZOOM platform with registration
Moderator: Hugo Lavalle
Cost of the seminar: € 11
Methods of payment: Card or PayPal from the registration page
Contact acquarella@libero.it