Six-handed water activities Seminar

Six-handed water activities

Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019-06-21
Acquarella, Via Ferrere 9, 10139 TORINO (ITALY)

Speakers: Rossella Pisano, Giuseppe Bovi, Hugo Lavalle

Six-handed water activities
All the experience of three animators of INFANTSWIMMING in Italy summed up in a day
Rossella Pisano (Savona), Giuseppe Bovi (Urbino) e Hugo Lavalle (Torino)
An important training opportunity for those who work with passion and want to deepen their knowledge through interchange with three similar and at the same time different schools.
The speeches will be frontal but there will be a large space for participation and debate.


Rossella Pisano
Somatorelational counseling in water

The method stems from an observation, begun twenty years ago, on the differences in buoyancy, breathing and movement in water in people and then structured in a body reading system and in a map of character traits.

The counseling uses the humanistic approach of C.Rogers and the knowledge of the bioenergetic analysis of A. Lowen that considers people in their totality as body-mind-emotion.

It is useful for facing buoyancy problems and swimming styles both in people with a fear of water and in athletes who want to improve their performance. The water environment thus becomes a space of experience and comparison between objective reality, such as the physical law of water, and the subjective reality, history and experiences of people.

Giuseppe Bovi
WATER CULTURE – SWIMMING SCHOOLS need to educate to change.

Giving precedence to the realization of individuality through the recognition of freedom of choice, marked by sudden and daily changes.

A school of aquatic education committed not so much to educating the child as to building an education firmly connected with each individual protagonist, discovering the importance of the subjectivity of each child to get a more truthful and appropriate image of its typical discontinuity. Reason why none of them can be “caged” in the logic of the pre-established “ground” of action preferred by the adult.

Hugo Lavalle-Acquarella
Acquarella will present in this seminar the evolution of our work project over the last ten years, under the influence of different authors of the psycho-educational-evolutionary field:

  • Pedagogy of the essential (Infancy Schools of Ravenna)
    This pedagogical project, of the nursery schools of the Municipality of Ravenna, rests its foundations on a constructive idea of learning that starts from the discovery and hunger for continuous research that lives within each child. Intentionality, pleasure for discovery, shared planning, and “impertinent deconstruction” of standard programs are the watchwords of this project.
  • Emmi Pikler (Loczy Orphanage)
    Pedagogy based on the personalized attention of the child, care of the environment and the enhancement of the spontaneous movement and intentionality of the child as a basis for a healthy and integral development of the personality.
  • Susan Isaacs and the experience in the Malting House School
    A global learning experience without any sequential, predetermined program, other than that of intuition, the inclination and desire that each child imposes on his action.

How to translate, in our daily practice of aquatic activities with children of first and second childhood, these theories, experiences and intuitions that for decades have marked the teaching of so many masters in the world?

Date: Sunday, October 13, 2019

Schedule: 9:30 – 17:30

Where: Piscina Acquarella, Via Ferrere 9 – 10139 Torino. Metro station: “Rivoli”

Fee: 90 €

Payment details:
IBAN IT90 C0326801199053101952560

Registration deadline: Monday Sept. 30, 2019

To whom is it directed? To all those who by profession, passion, dedication, love working in the water with children and families (educators, teachers of physical education, physiotherapists, neuro-psychomotor technicians, obstetricians, swimming instructors)

The seminar is active.

Attention: this is not a course to become therapists

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