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“The pool is more than a place to swim, it’s a place to connect from within.”

I love connecting people together! Connecting families in the pool, connecting early years and swim professionals. My passion is educating our parents on their child’s early communication, cues and emotional well-being.

I am a Tutor for the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) here in the UK and although I am trained to teach all levels, my passion is the early years, baby and preschool. I tutor internationally and have spoken at conferences and workshops in Russia, Taipei, Austria and Australia.

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I am also on the STA working group for Baby and Preschool to shape the future of our national swim qualifications. I ran the first Diploma course in the world, which I am very proud of.

I run two swim centers in the UK with my husband, Christian called Swim Works. We teach over 2000 children to swim each week.

Our family swim centers have a strong family ethos with a partnership approach. In my presentation I am looking forward to sharing with you our Swim Works ethos.

I also would like to share with you some of our swim practices around our childdevelopment program called Aqua Sensory.



I founded Aqua Sensory with Christian, in response to our changing world. We saw how our children’s development was changing and we knew it was time to re-evaluate our teaching approaches. Our interest led to researching sensory and movement activities which could be explored in the swimming pool, to activate the brain’s pathways and tap into early learning and developmental opportunities. We soon came to realize the huge benefits of introducing other sensory activities into the pool

Today, my aim for Aqua Sensory is to create an educational support program for parents and swim schools: a trusted resource developed from our many years professional experience, combined with careful research from our expert contributors. We Try, Test and Tune all of our activities, taking inspiration from dry land therapies into the pool.

Swim Works Leamington Spa has become our international research hub, where we run our workshops and collaborate with other international aquatic professionals.

I look forward to connecting with you sharing my passion for early years swimming. Together we make a difference. Jo x